Parent & Family Weekend

What is Parent & Family Weekend?

Parent & Family Weekend is an opportunity for families to reconnect with their students and explore their Gopher's new home. Families can either choose to register for and participate in a variety of events offered by the Parent & Family Program, or ask their student to bring them to their favorite spots in the Twin Cities area. Head on over to the Weekend Schedule page to view a list of all of the events and activities offered by the Parent & Family Program, including costs and a description of what is included in each event.

What are the goals of Parent & Family Weekend?

Parent & Family weekend is designed to give families a chance to come explore their student's new home, reconnect, and simply, spend time with their Gopher. Families choose to do so in different ways, whether that be attending various events hosted by the Parent & Family Program, or simply joining their student for a meal in their favorite dining hall. This weekend was created to support families as they support their students, as is the mission of the Parent & Family Program.

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Meaghan Miller Thul,
Parent & Family Program

For Parent & Family Weekend questions,
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