Educational Session Descriptions

One of our favorite parts about Parent & Family Weekend is being able to provide all of you with fun educational sessions that will allow you to get to know our University a little bit better. Below are some examples of sessions we have offered in the past. Stay tuned for descriptions of 2019's educational sessions, coming this summer. 

Career Tracks

In this interactive session, you will learn about (and be invited to use) some of the tools available to your students as they plan for their careers and begin their job and internship.

  • What is it like to interview online?

  • How do you find out about job search etiquette in foreign countries?

  • Is networking really all it's cracked up to be?

We'll find out together.  You will have the opportunity to hear from two current students about their internship and engagement experiences.   


How to talk to your student about stress in college

How can you talk to your students about their stress, and help them build the skills to achieve their academic goals? One-in-three University of Minnesota students say they are unable to manage their stress. Learn about the major stressors on campus (which may surprise you!), the wide breadth of resources are available for free on campus, and the ways that unmanaged stress is associated with health and academic success.

Don’t Ask Me What My Major Is: Understanding the Importance of Major Exploration

 Choosing a major can be a sometimes stressful and challenging process for students (and their parents!). This session will introduce major exploration, the myths related to choosing a major, University resources to assist students with finding a major that is a good fit, and ways to support your student as an ally in the exploration process.


What's Next, Housing 2019

 It may feel early to think about housing for 2019, but the time for signing a lease or extending a contract is already here. Learn about housing options on campus and in the UofM community as well as important details about what to look for when signing a contract. This session will include representatives from Housing and Residential Life, Off-Campus Living and Student Legal Services.


At Home in MN, the session

This educational session is designed exclusively for families of out-of-state students and will be similar to the content included in the At Home in MN breakfast.  Learn from a panel of out-of-state students who have successfully transitioned to the U of M.  Staff will share with you information we know about out-of-state students that guides the work we do to best support your students. 

Going Global

 Going abroad is one of the most exciting parts of the student experience, but it requires family support, forethought, and planning. Learn how students incorporate international opportunities into undergraduate programs. Hear about the impact of study abroad on career preparation, and empower your future U graduate to distinguish him/herself in the global workforce.


Your CLA student - Development and Support

Come connect with CLA staff and learn more about how your student is developing during this time of their life and how we are supporting them along the way. We will have a panel of staff here to answer questions that you have.  



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